Save The Last Dance For Me    (FT 106)  Phil Farmer


Circle Left
Oh, you can dance
Every dance with the guy who gives you the eye
And let him hold you tight
Left allemande, do sa do around your own and let the men
Star left and roll it one time you go
You turn thru and then left allemande, swing
And then you promenade
Oh, darlin' save the last dance for me


Well now those heads/ sides
You're going to square thru and go four hands around
And do a do sa do, swing thru
And let the boy run right
You ferries wheel around that ring tonight
Pass thru, touch a quater, scoot back, swing that corner
Promenade and go, i will never ever let you go
Oh, i love you oh so much


Swing the lady, oh darling save the last dance for me