SS – 1072

What Could Be Better Than This”

Called by Phil Pierce

Circle Left:
I’m traveling non-stop, Straight to the top

I’ve got a plan that can’t miss

Left Allemande the Corner, Dosey your own

Left Allemande and you Weave

I’m off to the races, Holdin’ all the aces

Cause Lady Luck blew me a kiss (Swing, Promenade)

No worries or strife, I’m lovin’ my life

What could be better than this?


Heads/Sides Promenade go about halfway round you go

Walk in and Touch ¼, that Boy Run

Swing Thru tonight, the Boys you Run Right

Couples Circulate and then, Bend the Line

Pass the Ocean then

Recyle, my friend

Swing the girl and all Promenade

I’m livin’ the dream, It’s peaches and cream

What could be better than this?

Middle Break/Closer
Sides Face Grand Square
Now there’s never a negative notion

Cause that’s not the way that I roll

No need to cause a commotion

Everything is under control (Allemande and Weave)

**The world’s gonna see, I’ll make history

Just me at the top of the list (Swing, Promenade)

But right here today, I’ve just gotta say

What could be better than this?

**It’s my time to shine, I’m up on cloud 9

Finally, I’ve found my bliss (Swing, Promenade)

I’m walking on air, I haven’t a care

What could be better


Chain the Ladies over and back
What could be better, In Capital letters

What could be better, What could be better than this

(whisper: Yeah!)

Music recorded at Jimmy Mac productions-Ventura Ca.
Jim MacDonald- engineer and bandleader
Music arranged by Rick Hampton and Jim MacDonald
Produced by Rick Hampton and Rod Shuping
SharpShooter Produces Music for Targeting
New Dancers from the Younger Demos ( 25-55)